Gemstones have fascinated humans throughout out the ages and even in today’s high tech world, we are all allured by gemstones.

Maybe we are fascinated on how Mother Nature has created these gems. To understand gemstones scientists have studied the earth’s inner secrets to find how pressure and heat can create these gems, from volcanic eruptions to plates on the earths surface moving and forming gemstones from the sheer heat friction of the movement in different parts of the world

How is that that most opals are found in Australia? Or that Amber is found in Russia and Poland. And Amethyst in Brazil, Thailand is well known for its Rubies also.

Every part of the world has unique gemstones, Collectors are the main buyers today of top gemstones. In years past, it was only Kings Queens, Emperors that held top gems as they adorned many crowns with rubies, sapphires, and diamonds.

Today these gems are collected by collectors for enjoyment of the rarity of a gemstone for investment and personal pleasure.

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